Mobile phones have gone through amazing and fast developments and renovations in the last decade.

There are so many mobile phones on the market made by so many big companies like Samsung, Apple, Motorola, HTC, Nokia and Google to name just few and the competition between them is so high.

Mobile phones are much bigger than ever before, and much sophisticated with so many devices. They are so sophisticated today, they became mini-computers which has made them very popular accessories that everyone wants to own.

Most of 2013’s new mobile phones have Full HD displays and high-end processors. Some are even water and dust resistant, which means you can use them in the bath!!

The beauty however is the fact that there is a big variety of mobile phones on the market which means there is one for every person and at almost any budget. The best www.igadgetsrecycled.co.uk can be found here.



Because there are so many different mobile phones out there made by so many brands, it can be difficult to pick the right one for you.

Based on research and reviews, please find below the best mobile phones of 2013 so far. There are more new mobile phones coming out so please keep visiting our site to get the latest updates. Here's a great opportunity to earn money in the mobile world.

The Top 10 Mobile phones Of 2013 So Far

   1- HTC One: This mobile phone has truly a stunning look with its beautiful metal exterior. It has a 4.7in Full HD display which is ideal for browsing the internet at full zoom. The display has also very attractive colours. HTC One is fast as well thanks to its 1.7GHz processor. It’s smooth, easy to use and feels very comfortable in the hand. It has a decent camera and a well-balanced radio.This mobile phone has beautiful design and superb software modifications. Its screen is nothing less than amazing with very attractive titles displaying the latest news and social media feeds.Apart from few weaknesses, this is the best Android phone that was made so far. It is the ultimate next generation mobile phone.

If you want the ideal mobile phone at this moment, this is the phone for you.

   2- Samsung Galaxy S3: this phone may no longer be the best Android phone on the market, but it is still slim, fast and has a high quality screen. Samsung Galaxy S3 has been upgraded and is fast and powerful. It has smart features like its excellent camera. It is today available at a very nice price.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is definitely one of the best mobile phones that exist today.If you want a great mobile phone at a reasonable price, then you should pick Samsung Galaxy S3. If you want great deals on mobile phones, visit this store.

   3- Apple iPhone 5: This mobile phone is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system iOS. After five generations, the iPhone is still strong and iOS is the easiest and fastest operating system to use. iPhone 5 is an evolution to the one before it, iPhone 4. It is faster and has a bigger, higher resolution screen and is more suited to widescreen films. It is more stylish than ever before and is slimmer and lighter.

This mobile phone is well updated and definitely worth buying.

   4- Google Nexus 4: This Google latest mobile phone is made by LG. It is quick with 1.5GHz processor that runs Android 4.2 and has a display of 4.7in. Also comes with it a high quality 8 megapixel camera. This superb mobile phone is also great value because both the 16GB and 32GB SIM-free models cost less than $300.

If you fancy a top quality mobile phone with a very good value and no contract, then this phone is for you.

   5- Motorola RAZR HD: This is an attractive looking and strong phone. It comes with scratch resistant glass screen and a large battery that offers 14 hours play. The screen is 4.7in and is an Amoled model and 4G compatible. One thing that is not too good with this mobile phone is its camera. But as a whole, this handset is great and is really considered as an alternative to Samsung Galaxy S3.

   6-Nokia Lumia 920: This new mobile phone is the result of the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft. The new Nokia Lumia is the first mobile phone built with Windows Phone 8 and has a superb unique 8.7 megapixel camera that has true optical image stabilisation which can highly improve low light shooting and smooth out faulty videos. This handset has a great look too and comes in different colours; white, grey, yellow, black, and red.

Even though Nokia Lumia 920 is heavier than many other mobiles  , it is a superb and interesting phone with unique features.

   7-Huawei Ascend D2: The most beautiful feature of this phone is its high quality stunning 5in screen. It runs on Android 4.1 and has a 1.5GHz processor as well as a 2GB RAM and a 13 megapixel camera. For some great mobiles prices, check this place.

   8-ZTE Grand S: this pretty mobile phone can easily be placed between the superb HTC One and the striking Nokia Lumia 920. It’s got 5in display, 1.7GHz processor plus 2GB of RAM and a 13 megapixel camera. It has 16GB of internal memory and a microSD  card slot which is a great feature to have if you are a movie or game lover.

   9- Sony Xperia Z: this mobile phone is one of the biggest launches this year. It has great design, a display of 5inch, 1.5GHz processor and is water resistant and dust proof as well. It also comes with an amazing 13 megapixel camera.

The only inconvenient thing with this mobile phone is the battery which is not very good. Apart from that, this phone is awesome.

   10- BlackBerry Z10   : This BlackBerry mobile phone is not great but it is good. Some predict a BlackBerry’s come back. This new mobile phone has an excellent keyboard, a 4.2in display, a dual core 1.5GHz processor and an 8 megapixel camera. Although it’s not excellent, this phone will make progress in the future.